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Our Mission to Expose the Truth.

We help Honorable Veterans Only.Service people have DIED to serve.

Yet many absolute shameless bums are milking our system.


First of all. We are NOT a non profit organization. They do profit.

By Millions!

They receive Grants and donations. Nobody watches the money unless they are audited.There are no caps on the salaries of the executives or workers. The rules just say pay them a REASONABLE salary.😄By law they only have to give only 10 percent to the actual cause.

There are countless veterans that need our help but there are many who are faking disability (PTSD)and receiving up to $3200 money for life and served less than honorably. They even have the nerve to lie and claim they were war heroes. Some of these guys weren't sent to war! How can they suffer from PTSD?? They filed because the drill sergeant YELLED at them? What? Believe it or not some get paid. And the staff helps in their lies! While some give the ultimate sacrifice. These guys serve less than one year and complian.

Unfortunately for the federal funding they will look the other way..

The result is supporting a person that was a disgrace before,during and after his short term in the service. A bunch of BUM LOSERS!

You talk to some about their service and they have no interest in proudly discussing their assignment or military experience and lack any discipline in their lives what so ever. They live like pigs and complain.We have seen this with our own eyes and our research conclude that the majority of them had a dishonorable discharge. It was moved up to general by staff writing fake endorsement letters. Why? To get $3200 monthly from a grant to house them.

A List Of Military Discharges

  • 🇺🇸Honorable discharge.

  • 🇺🇸General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions.,

  • 🇺🇸Medical Separation

  • 😡Other Than Honorable (OTH) discharge.

  • 😡Bad Conduct discharge (issued by special court-martial or general court-martial)

  • 😡Dishonorable discharge.

  • 😡Entry-level Separation.

Century Village Cabrillo is a zoo! People that don't even live in my complex coming and going all day and night. Except for me NO ONE cleans up.I protested and gave up months ago. Roaches and filth everywhere. They have NO PROBLEM it being that way.

Your Tax Dollars.

Less than Honorable Veterans below at Century Village Cabrillo in Long Beach, Ca.

They do not deserve the benefits falsely handed out!! It's full of drug dealer TS prostitutes, roaches, noise,disorder and staff or local police are told to ignore it.Even murders have happened here from insane or drug related incidents.

Century Village Cabrillo

A Disgrace!! Drugs, Mental Illness, TS Prostitutes. There was a murder just a few days before this one happened. There are speed bumps every 10 yards in the facility.Police and ambulances come daily. 1/3 of this place are innocent under aged children !

😡"But where's YOUR rent?If you don' t like it. Leave." 😡

The reply I get from my counselor.
- Cara Dukas Counselor

I found out that the staff slit the rent you pay while the Grant actually pays it all!!

Century Village Cabrillo

A Disgrace!! Drugs, Mental Illness, TS Prostitutes. This woman below burned down a building and lives there for zero rent like endless others..They both are drug dealers proudly! They both are also prostitutes.

This woman OD in the TS room one night and was back the next evening to party again!

They say thay can do nothing about these issues.

Imagine this on the other side of your bedroom door day and night.

Just listen to the wild sexual acts and drug sells and use All day. All Night!"HE DROPPED AN OUNCE OF SH_T UPSTAIRS."

OMG Both are drug dealers.

There were a total of 5 drug users in the 8 room complex.

Tried to repel the roaches with spray and powder for 3 years but I was no match for the filthy conditions they lived in.

Very few except me COMPLAINED of the filth! They lived in it happily!!

A guy named John comes over DAILY like he lives here. He lives in Plaza.

They all rent out abandoned rooms for money,sex,drugs or all.




Listen to this disgusting conversation. This is day and night. This guy who goes by COWBOY or Robert or RICK is a con man. Known all over Long Beach.

His REAL name is Kelly Nielson of Long Beach.

He is NOT an Ex Marine,not an ex COP,not an Ex BOUNCER,etc.

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Sub Renting space as you can clearly HEAR! Utter Madness!

If they told me it was like this ahead of time I would not move in. Couldn't move out until COVID 19 was over!

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All Honorable

Service People

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This mess below is daily. Whoring is daily. Drug use is daily. Theft is daily.